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new styles are up!!!!

Last week was all about photo shoots! I have to say I am so in love with our new UNICORN tee :) This is absolutely my favorite shot from the whole week! Our Unicorn Tee is definitely a much better life choice then the recently trending #unicornfrappuccino  Check out our new tees and let us know what you think! xx Tasha

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Mint salad while we are waiting??

Morning!  I want to thank everyone for their orders!! Your love and support mean so much to me :) I am patiently waiting for the tee's to be ready for pick up, next week cannot come soon enough. I have also added 3 new designs and am so excited to show them to you!  While we are waiting I want to share a fun little recipe I made up last night...maybe it's already been done I don't know. Anyway I was starving and craving something really refreshing so added fresh mint to my green salad! It was like a mohito salad I swear!  It was very simple just some avocado, lettuce, and mint. Tossed with equal parts olive oil, apple...

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We are so close to launching

  Wow, what a journey this has been! I firstly want to thank my friends and family for supporting me, listening to my endless stories, ideas, fears, and successes with launching Bending Lines.   I am so happy to be finally writing this post and be so so close to launching! We are about 2 weeks from having product ready to ship. So excited!!! xx Tasha

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