Welcome to Bending Lines
At Bending Lines we are passionate about horses and style. You are a rider, a horse mom, a horse show parent, or a horse enthusiast; we have designed our clothing line with you in mind. Together we are trend-setters that seamlessly go from the barn to the bar, a lunch date, or a quick business meeting. Pair our styles with breeches, jeans, or maybe even a cute skirt it's up to you!
Designed in beautiful Southlands, Vancouver, and locally made.  Established Autumn 2016
The Owner/Designer 

 As a rider and busy mom of two little monkeys, two dogs, and my lovely chestnut mare, I was looking for something I could wear to the barn and thereafter to wherever my day took me. Having worked in retail, as a groom, and managing a small business, creating my own brand and clothing line felt like the next logical step. 

My designs are clean and fun with just a little bit of sass!

Behind the name, 

Coming up with a great business idea is one thing, but coming up with a great business name is a whole other animal! I love the name Bending Lines about as much as I love riding them, and came up with it after saying NO to over 1000 other names. Bending Lines easily transitions from the horse world to the real world. This is the concept behind my designs and brand, so the name bending lines is such a great fit! 


I have done that move where you go to get lunch and are still wearing your riding helmet, noticed people giving me strange looks, and wondered "oh I wonder what their problem is..."  and then, oh yea, still got my riding helmet on...  Good thing they are not seeing the mess that this helmet is containing!